Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What's in your veg box this week - 3rd/4th April

I can see that writing this blog may become a dreaded last minute job!  Sorry, it's newsletter/invoice week which is always quite a tight deadline.  I will try to be more enthusiastic next week!

This week's potato is Milva which is a good all-rounder.  Apart from the onions and carrots, this week's box will be a selection from the following veg:- fresh garlic, parsnips, leeks, purple-sprouting broccoli, spring greens, lettuce or salad.

You will recognise the garlic by its distinct smell and so you are unlikely to mix it up with the leeks which it superficially resembles.  We have also bagged the garlic to maintain its freshness.  This fresh garlic is mild and yummy.  Use the entire plant - stalk and all.  Chop finely and use to garnish mashed potatoes, mix in salads, add to mayonnaise, sprinkle on hot buttered beetroot/carrots . . . .

If you get purple-sprouting broccoli be aware that the warmer weather hastens it's demise and development into flower and it is getting warmer!  Great while it lasts though!

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